Belve di Alda Teodorani recensito in Inghilterra

Il romanzo Belve, di Alda Teodorani, edito in formato eBook da Kipple, è stato recensito da Eccovi l’estratto:

“Belve” or “wild beasts” in English, is one wild ride! In a post-apocalyptic Italy where Cinecitta’ (Italy’s Universal Studios) is an autonomous state ruled by actors and directors, alien werewolf-like creatures (actually more like cats than wolves) displaced from their home planet because of a dying sun, come to Earth looking for food. They prey on prostitutes and other unfortunates roaming the streets of Rome’s Cinecitta’ at night. But there are also vampires in this tale. Many of the vampires are actors (Marilyn Monroe for one) and writers (Stoker, Shelley, Lovecraft, D’Annunzio) and other creative types. All species in this book are predators. Wild beasts. And the humans are the most beastly of the bunch. “Belve” is horror, scifi, and fantasy. There’s human organ harvesting, restricted reproduction, disease, nuclear devastation, crazy politicians, steamy scenes, and more. At the moment this book is only available in Italian. I hope it’s translated soon to reach a wider audience. Great read!


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